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Set Call Forwarding
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Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to redirect all calls to another telephone number so your calls can follow you wherever you go. It reduces missed calls, eliminates waiting for important calls and adds an extra measure of security while you're away from desk.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To Activate Service:• Start dialing *72 followed by the 10 digit number you want to forward the call to. (for example, this could be your cell phone number)
    • Press the Dial soft key
    • The phone will produce an ascending 2-tone and end the call.
    • You are now forwarded to the new number.
    Ascending 3-tone error

    If you receive a 3-tone error that slides up it is likely that you already have forwarding for that number enabled/disabled or insufficient privileges for that extension. At that point you would need to make adjustments in the NocTel web interface.

  2. To Deactivate Service: • Dial *73
    • Press the Dial soft Key.
    • The phone will produce an descending 2-tone and end the call, you should now receive call back to the original phone.
    Toggling Call Forward

    After dialing the full forwarding code (ie *721231115555) and deactivating it using *73, you can simply dial *72 to have the number forwarded again to the last number used in the forwarding code. The *72 and *73 now work as a toggle

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