Welcome to the 509J Helpdesk

You now have options for creating a ticket and/or account. Pick any one from the list below.

Information Technology Request

Option 1. If using the Chrome Browser click this link helpdesk@509j.net if not copy and paste this link into your email. This email will create a basic ticket entry. Please provide information about your location and the details of the issue.

Option 2. Click on "Open a New Ticket" below. You will be taken to a form to enter the details needed. This approach will allow you to quickly create a ticket without having to create an account. You can also later check your ticket status by clicking on "Check Ticket Status" below and submitting your email address and ticket number to receive a link for accessing that ticket.

Option 3. If you want to have full access to your tickets for followup and status checks, you will want to create an account. Click on the "Sign In" link in the upper right and register with your work email address.

Maintenance Job Request

Maintenance no longer uses this system for helpdesk. To submit a maintenance job request, please contact your building custodian. They will address the job directly if possible or will submit a ticket to the maintenance department ticket system if necessary.